• Jen DeVore Richter

How to Hire the Right Contractor for a Home Remodel Project

Houston Homeowners seeking to hire a home contractor that can deliver quality work, on schedule, and with no hidden costs will benefit from this FREE ebook compliments of Athena Builders.

In "34 Questions to Ask the Builder Before You Sign a Home Remodel Contract," Athena Builder CEO and Founder Karen Johnson shares key insights that can help you save time and money on your next project.

Questions cover 4 Main Areas:

Questions About the Builder

Questions About the Subcontractors

Questions About Project Management

Questions About the Contract

Houston Home Remodeling Project questions include these and many more:

How long have you been in business?

How do you stay current and on top of trends and techniques in product

Who is my contact person at the company?

How often do you communicate with your customer?

How is the best way to communicate with you?

Have you ever operated under a different name, been sued, declared


How do you manage change orders so there is no confusion?

To get your complimentary copy of the eBook as a printable download, please CLICK HERE.

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