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Home Automation in Home Remodeling

Let’s set the scene. You drive into your driveway and your garage doors automatically open and the porch lights flick on.  You pull in and and turn off the car. "Hey google, close the garage." The garage door slides shut. You safely exit your car and put your phone up to the back door keypad and it clicks open like magic. As you walk in you see the lights are on and your thermostat is set to your favorite temperature, the TV is already flipped to your favorite station, and the robot vacuum has recently cleaned.

Is this a scene out of some fantasy? NO! This is modern day Home Automation.  Through simple planning and execution, your home can be programmed to make your life more comfortable. Are you thinking this is a feature that can only be integrated into new home construction? Let’s talk about that. 

Home Automation Defined

What REALLY is home automation or a smart house? It’s the question everyone asks. Is it as simple as a smart thermostat or a Google Home? It could be. A “smart home” can come in different shapes and sizes. Whether it be a fully decked out Control4 or Crestron system - perhaps you’ve heard of these on HGTV - or a simple Google Home and a smart speaker, it’s still a smart home. The scale of a home’s “smartness” can be determined by what the homeowner wants, needs - and is most comfortable with!


Home Automation in the Past

Years ago smart houses and home automation were just things you saw in billionaire’s homes - and probably only in the movies! But now it has never been easier to have the same things in almost ANY home with WIFI.

In the past,  home automation was something many homeowners added to their building contract during a new construction, and even then it didn't work very well or it was obsolete in just a couple years!

So what has changed? Well the simple answer is wiring and talking. It used to be that you would need to run hundreds of feet of wire throughout your home and marry yourself to a single brand that cost too much and required a monthly fee. That is not the case these days.

The “open source” market has flourished in the past few years. Brands that had previously refused to collaborate have designed their new products to be compatible and work with other brands. Additionally WIFI devices have made huge strides as well, requiring almost zero wiring to be done to make your home completely automated. 


This all sounds great, right? The next question we always get is “How do I control it all then?” Well, you might notice a trend here.  It’s never been easier! Voice, apps, and physical buttons are the players in this game. Imagine if you were hosting a party and someone asked to dim the lights and pause the music so you could sing happy birthday.

With a “smart home” you could do all that in a single action! With voice control over either Amazon Alexa or Google Home, a single app on your phone or tablets, physical switches in the walls replacing light switches, entire home automation is possible!

So What’s Next?

The last question we always get is, "When can we get it installed?"

Just give us a call or shoot us an email and find out! Athena Builders would love to help you live a life that you only thought was possible in the movies!

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